We are animal lovers and we take great pride in how we conduct our business, how we choose our breeders, and how we will always put the well-being of the animals in our care, first and foremost! You have this as our guarantee!

Where do our puppies come from?

Today, all the headlines scream to “adopt not shop” and everyone is concerned, rightfully so, about buying puppies from a “puppy mill”.

Firstly, the term “puppy mill” is really a catch-all phrase, in our opinion, and the main concern is about buying a puppy that comes from large commercial facilities, or breeders that keep hundreds of the parents of puppies in cages, their whole life, and mass produce puppies for profit.

However, there are many different scenarios that work to produce puppies, where the conditions are not favorable, to either the pups or the parents of the pups, and that the parents of the puppies live miserable, horrible, cage-only lives, and breeders that are not breeding for the purpose of improving the breed, or are driven by profit only, and do not care about raising quality, healthy, best-of-breed-standard puppies. This can be the case in large commercial facilities, or with “hobby breeders” in their backyard!

Secondly, there are so many potential concerns when looking to purchase a puppy or pure-bred kitten, and when dealing with the sale/purchase of young animals, and the potential profit seems to be a calling card for many humans that have no ethics or scruples, and are only in this “business” to profit off the misery of the very animals they are meant to serve.

We agree with all those concerns!

However, that is not who we are at The Noble Paw! We are in this “business” because we love animals, we know we can do it well while staying true to our love of the animals. 

We still believe in rescuing every animal that currently has no family, and we will continue to do our part in that effort, but we do not believe that families wanting a pet should be limited only to what they currently find in rescue, nor, should they be at the mercy of those who do only care about the dollar!

So, with that said, our guarantee is this… The Noble Paw will source our animals responsibly, from individual breeders whom we know, whom we believe share our commitment to the well-being of not only the puppies they sell but to the well-being and quality of the lives of the parents of those puppies also.

We will always know where our puppies come from, and who they come from, we will not participate with anyone whom we believe is not breeding in the manner and with the ethics, we so strongly believe in, and we will price our animals fairly and as affordably as possible.

We will never take advantage of the emotions of what we do, and we will never sell an animal to a family or individual whom we do not believe is in the best interest of the animal in question. We will never put a dollar ahead of the best interest of an animal. We will continue, as we always have, to put forth the effort to assist in the placement of animals who are in rescue and the well-being of the animals will remain, always, our first priority.

If along our path we discover a Breeder is not practicing their breeding program in the manner we respect, we will not continue to work with them, period. This awesome responsibility we take seriously! We will stand behind every animal sold or adopted through our facility, and we will maintain the highest possible standard of ethics, in a profession that we believe absolutely requires that level of ethical standards.

Animals, like humans, are living creatures, and with the best of precautions, and doing everything “just right” animals can get sick, they can catch viruses, and they can need additional care immediately post- purchase. You have our commitment to do everything in our power to avoid such instances, to use every tool we have at our disposal and our access to avoid our pets getting ill, however, if an animal purchased or adopted through The Noble Paw should have any issues following purchase/adoption, we will stand behind you, and the animal, and always conduct ourselves with the highest ethical standards!

We are animal lovers, and we take great pride in how we conduct our business, how we choose our breeders, and how we will always put the well-being of the animals in our care first and foremost! You have this as our guarantee!