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 We are animal lovers and we take great pride in how we conduct our business, how we choose our breeders, and how we will always put the well-being of our puppies, first and foremost! You have this as our guarantee!

Where do our puppies come from?

The current buzz in the pet world is to “adopt not shop” and for good reason – the risks of buying puppies from a “puppy mill” are high. However, the term “puppy mill” can encompass many different scenarios. The primary concern is purchasing puppies from large commercial facilities or breeders who keep hundreds of parent dogs in cages, mass-produce puppies for profit, and don’t care about their quality of life.

Unfortunately, unfavorable conditions can also exist in other scenarios that produce puppies, such as “hobby breeders” in their backyard. Potential buyers of puppies or purebred kittens face many concerns when dealing with the sale/purchase of young animals, including unscrupulous breeders driven solely by profit and who disregard the animals’ welfare.

We agree with all those concerns!

At The Noble Paw Pets & Puppies, we share these concerns and our goal is to source our puppies responsibly from individual breeders whom we know and trust. We love animals and believe in doing things right. While we still believe in rescuing animals, we also believe that families wanting pets should not be limited to rescues or at the mercy of unscrupulous breeders.

Our commitment to our customers is this – we will source our puppies responsibly, and we will always know where they come from and whom they come from. We will not work with breeders who we believe are not ethical or do not share our commitment to animal welfare. We will price our puppies fairly and affordably and will not take advantage of anyone’s emotions.

We will not sell our puppies to a family or individual whom we do not believe is in the best interest of the puppy. We will never prioritize profit over a puppies welfare. Our first priority will always be the well-being of our puppies, and we will continue to assist in the placement of pets in rescue.

We take our responsibility seriously and will not continue to work with any breeder whose practices do not meet our ethical standards. We stand behind every puppy sold or adopted through our facility, and we will maintain the highest possible standard of ethics.

We understand that animals, like humans, can get sick despite our best efforts to prevent it. If a puppy purchased or adopted through The Noble Paw has any issues following purchase/adoption, we will stand behind our customers and our puppies and conduct ourselves with the highest ethical standards.

At The Noble Paw, we are animal lovers who conduct our business with pride. We choose our breeders carefully and always put the well-being of our puppies first and foremost. You have this as our guarantee!

Petlife Animal Hospital in West Palm Beach is our preferred veterinary practice.

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