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We promise you a caring, compassionate and individualized experience while finding your new puppy at The Noble Paw. We guarantee you will have an honest, ethical puppy experience like no other.

Our commitment to you & the pets we serve ...

The Noble Paw Pets & Puppies offers healthy puppies for sale and small, medium and large dogs for adoption. We will always thoroughly examine each and every puppy and adult dog upon arrival and routinely while in our care, and always just prior to sale or adoption. Animals are living creatures, however, so it is impossible to completely guarantee that no illness will come to the pets we love….but should it, you can always count on The Noble Paw to stand behind each puppy or adult dog that we assist with placement.

We will present you with a written history, any information obtained by a Breeder we know, and trust, each puppy will come with a clean bill of health, and, for our rescued/re-homed older dogs, we will provide you with every bit of information that we have, which we have gathered from our own veterinary examinations, or from the information gathered at the time of the pet’s surrender. We will disclose all information available, on every animal, that is known to us. With our rescued dogs, at times, we won’t know much, but we will have physically examined the pet, and we will know that he or she will add something special to your home and your life as a trusted companion!

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14-Day Health Warranty*

The Noble Paw will include a 14-day health warranty with the adoption and/or sale of your new puppy. This warranty will cover the cost of any necessary puppy or rescue dog health care, for any issue that could have been incubating at the time of sale or adoption.

Also, with the sale of your puppy or adoption of your dog we provide a complimentary physical exam through PetLife Animal Hospital, within 72 hours of taking your new puppy or dog home.

All veterinary care provided under this “14-day warranty” must be provided during this period at PetLife Animal Hospital, which is located at 6901 Okeechobee Blvd, Suite E11 West Palm Beach, FL 33411. PetLife can be reached at 561-790-6464.

*No reimbursement will be given for any care or any services by any other Veterinarian during those 14 days or afterward, throughout the life of your pet.


Spay or Neuter

The Noble Paw Pets & Puppies believe that it is in the best health interest, behavioral interest, and in the interest of reducing the number of unwanted dogs in our County to Spay or Neuter your dog.

We have a contract agreement with PetLife Animal Hospital to provide spay and neuter services at a below-cost rate if your puppy is not already spayed or neutered prior to its sale. We believe in community and as a community service, it is both our pledge and theirs, to provide this necessary and valuable procedure for your dog.

Please contact PetLife Animal Hospital at 561-790-6464 to discuss scheduling this very important sterilization procedure.


Dog Ownership Responsibility

The Noble Paw Pets & Puppies wants you to be prepared for all requirements of dog ownership. We have administered your puppy’s necessary and age appropriate vaccinations, and any other puppy heath care needs due prior to your purchase or adoption. However, the nature of vaccinations, and some other health care, i.e. routine de-worming treatments, are based on specific timing and the age of the pet.

When you buy a puppy it is most likely necessary for you to booster vaccinations, provide additional routine de-worming treatments, etc.  These services are your responsibility for you to provide.

Please understand that all health care that is due after your puppy purchase or adult dog adoption will be your financial responsibility. Please be prepared. We can provide you with a health care schedule, based on the age of the dog, of all the required care they may need, in the time following your purchase or adoption. Please include these expected costs, especially if you purchase a young puppy, when you calculate your budget!

The Noble Paw wants to participate in the long term wellbeing of the pets we serve. We are here for you and your puppy, for all your puppy and dog needs, and any resources we can assist with going forward! We look forward to a long and mutually successful relationship with all of our pet families!

Your local resource...

The Noble Paw Pets & Puppies believe that we are here to assist you, to be a resource for you throughout the process of finding the right puppy or dog, and for all things pet related. 

First and foremost, we believe it is our sacred awesome responsibility to find loving, caring, permanent homes, for all the pets we serve.

We will always do everything in our power to assure all of our pets go to a good, safe, and loving home. The Noble Paw Pets & Puppies reserves the right and will exercise the right to refuse the sale or adoption of a puppy or adult dog if we believe that any placement, sale, or adoption is not in the best interest of the pet!

We got our Maltese here and it has been nothing but an amazing experience.

We got our Maltese, Cooper, here and it has been nothing but an amazing experience. He was healthy, happy, lovable, and just all around perfect. The owners are so nice and gave us great tips on crate training. We highly recommend this place and continue to go in for food, treats, and to say hi!

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